Facilities Rental

Prices vary for facilities based on time. The Danbury Community Center strives to meet the needs of your or your organization and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

For specific availability, pricing, and possibilities, please contact: dcc-reception [at] cifc.org (DCC Events)

Rent the Gym

Placeholder gym pic

The Gym is a full-size basketball court with a small seating section that can be divided in half by a floor to ceiling net and can also be configured for volleyball or Pickleball. Leagues and individual teams are encouraged to inquire about how the DCC can meet your game or practice needs. P.A. equipment and a configurable elevated stage are also available to make the space friendly for all manner of events.

Rent The Meeting Room

placeholder building facade

The Meeting Room at the DCC is a perfect spot to host craft workshops, seminars, and meetings. The tables and chairs in the room can be configured to accommodate your needs and basic A/V equipment is available. The Meeting Room will also be the private room for eating and festivities for parties. 

Rent The Studio

Women doing Zumba in front of mirror

The Studio at the Danbury Community Center comes with a wall of floor to ceiling mirrors and is perfect space for dance lessons and rehearsals, choreographing, fitness classes, and more. If you are looking for a space to host a regular class, please reach out to inquire about hosting and partnering with the DCC. 

Rent the Pool

la Piscina a DCC

The Pool at the Danbury Community Center may be rented for parties, trainings, or any other aquatic needs. Private events will be staffed by The DCC's Red Cross Certified lifeguards, and all pool rules must be followed. The DCC Pool is a cool place to host a hot party no matter what the weather is outside. 

The DCC Pool is the winter training home of The Danbury Police Department Dive Team.

Have Your Next Party at the DCC

kids on baseline dribbling basketballs

Are you looking to throw an unforgettable party that doesn't require hours of work from you and won't break the bank? Parties at the Danbury Community Center are fun and affordable! You can choose from a variety of activities to customize the party for the age and activity level of your  guests. Each party will come with private usage of one of the DCC Facilities (The Gym, The Studio, The Pool) and time in the Meeting Room for festivities like food and presents. While we don't provide food at the DCC, we will work with you to secure food from one of our local partners that will be delicious and affordable. 

All parties will have a DCC host to help facilitate the fun and ensure you have everything you need to celebrate. For information about availability, pricing, and possibilities, please contact: dcc-reception [at] cifc.org (DCC_Parties)