Why are Health Centers with Residency Programs Better?

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You Get Two Doctors For the Price of One!

What makes the medical care you receive at CIFC Health exceptional in quality? CIFC Health is Connecticut's only Teaching Health Center, meaning that CIFC Health, like elite hospitals, has a team of residents supervised by highly experienced physicians. Therefore, you are always receiving the most up to date care provided by a doctor backed up by an entire care team, rather than one overworked individual. 

Contrary to popular belief, Residents are not still in Medical School. They have graduated and earned the title of Doctor. However, during their residency, they work under the supervision and tutelage of more experienced physicians and are able to devote more time to your care compared to a general private practice. The senior attending is also directly involved in the care. Due to academic nature of the team, the residents and senior doctors have the latest and up-to-date knowledge of medical guidelines. This team approach provides a higher level of accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Because of this,
many people prefer to be seen by residents.