The Head Start Difference

Family Support At Early Head Start

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Head Start and Early Head Start programs are about more than just healthy kids, they promote healthy families. Programs know that children should be partners in their children's education and support for families is woven into the Early Head Start and Head Start programs. In addition to encouraging parents to come to the center to observe or volunteer by reading to the children, centers connect parents with the appropriate community resources to meet their needs, provide a regular parent curriculum to answer questions and build parents' confidence in their own skills, and host a series of family events that provide opportunities for families to participate in the celebration of learning. 

Health and Nutrition at Early Head Start

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Our Early Learning Programs (ELPs) provide the healthcare and nutrition support children need to grow up healthy and strong. All students in our ELPs receive 2 nutritious meals each day (breakfast and lunch) in addition to a healthy snack to power their growing bodies and brains. Through a partnership with "Filling in the Blanks" families also receive nutritious food they can prepare at home over the weekend and on school holidays. There is also a monthly nutrition and culture curriculum that provides nutrition lessons while examining cultures from around the world and their unique customs, traditions, and foods.

Students in CIFC ELPs receive basic developmental and health screenings at the school from our providers at CIFC Health. This will often be done during the school day, but in some cases, students may be referred to CIFC Health for follow-up care in our award winning pediatric department. Screenings include:

  • Height/Weight
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Dental
  • Social Emotional Development

Our partnership with CIFC Health also extends to families, as they are encouraged to take advantage of the health services available at CIFC Health.