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CIFC is unique across Connecticut for being a Teaching Health Center. While other FQHCs exist in the state, we are the only one with Residents. While this provides a higher level of care for our patients, it also provides opportunities for people to represent CIFC in different communities around the world. While participating in a Global Health Elective, Drs Alla Jusufi, Arezou Nazary, and Asima Mian spent a month in Uganda treating patients and learning about the challenges of health care individuals face in other areas of the world. While there to assist with the medical needs of the community, these Drs recognized other needs within the community at the local school and decided to step in to fill them as best they could.


A Letter From the Residents

Residents in front of students from school in Uganda

Dear colleagues,


We wanted to share a truly remarkable experience that has had a profound impact on our lives and the lives of many others. Our Global Health elective in Uganda opened our eyes to the incredible power of compassion and the difference we can make when we come together as a community.

During a palliative care outreach in a remote rural area on a rainy day, we stumbled upon a small school that left an indelible mark on our hearts. The conditions were disheartening, yet the children's eagerness to learn and their radiant smiles ignited a spark within us. We knew we had to take action.

Returning to the school a week later, we were met with a joyous display of enthusiasm from the children, who rushed outside to greet us. 

The classrooms were overfilled with eager learners, but the lack of resources was evident. Broken chairs and worn-out desks, barefoot children, no playground or toys- all were the evidence of the challenges these children faced. 

Driven by our determination to make a change, we organized a fundraising campaign. We shared the story of these remarkable children and their school, spreading a message of hope and the urgent need for support. The response was extraordinary. Friends, family, and even strangers rallied behind our cause, pouring their generosity into donations that surpassed our expectations.

With the funds raised, we were able to provide the school with essential supplies, new desks, a playground, and toys. The moment we presented these gifts to the children, their eyes lit up with pure joy and gratitude. It was a testament to the impact we can have when we unite for a common purpose.

Today, we invite you to join us in witnessing the transformation that took place through a video we have posted on YouTube. By watching it, you'll gain a firsthand glimpse into the profound impact we've collectively had on the lives of these deserving children.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who supported our initiative. Your kindness, generosity, and unwavering support played a pivotal role in making this transformation possible. Together, we have instilled in these children the belief that their dreams matter and that they deserve every opportunity to thrive.




With warm regards,

Asima Mian, Alla Jusufi and Arezou Nazary

They Raised...

Resident in front of playground they build

They were able to raise a total of $4250, which allowed them to purchase the following: 


 1. Playground including swing set, spinner and multifunctional unit along with soccer balls 

 2. Desks 

 3. Backpack for each kid which included pencil storage unit, stack of 10 notebooks, 10 pencils, a crayon set, a coloring pencil set, sharpness, erasers, and colored pens. 

 4. Crocs for each kid 

 5. Candy goodie bags 

 6. Textbooks for teachers per grade level

 7. White chalk and colored chalk for each classroom along with erasers

 8. Mini library encompassing atlas, dictionary and fun reading books. 

The following letter is from Drs Jusufi, Nazary, and Mian about the results of their efforts.