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CIFC is the only organization in Western Connecticut that combines health care, education, human services and housing support in a coordinated approach by providing direct services and engaging a host of community partners to work with us.

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Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. (CIFC) is a locally based independent, non-profit, IRS recognized Section 501(C) (3) Community Development Corporation (CDC), whose Mission is dedicated to advancing our communities, and fostering greater opportunities for low and moderate income individuals and families of our service areas, through a combination of health and education programs, and housing and economic development projects. It is the only such organization in Western Connecticut.

Why Our Community Needs Us

Where we live matters to our physical, social and emotional health. The environment, equitable education, affordable housing, financial stability, and access to quality medical, dental and behavioral health care, have a direct impact on the quality of life for a community's residents and its neighbors.

Despite the region’s wealth, there are a significant number of low and moderate income families in Danbury and surrounding communities that struggle every day to keep up with the rising cost of housing, childcare, taxes, healthcare, transportation and food.

At CIFC, we recognize that there is no one answer to resolving the life circumstances that low and moderate income families encounter. We understand that solutions are often complicated and require a multifaceted approach. However, by engaging a host of community partners and Donors to work with us in our role as a "safety-net provider" of social services and "community developer" of programs and projects, CIFC is able to support low and moderate income families as they work to move out of poverty and fulfill their aspirations.

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